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If Convicted of a Felony, Can I Legally Own a Gun?

Frequently I am contacted by someone with a Felony conviction that is years or even decades old, and they want to know if they can ever own a firearm again. The answer is more complicated than YES or NO.  Under Texas law there is an exception permitting convicted felons to possess firearms, but only in

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Whew! You found yourself locked up and jammed into a daunting and confusing court system.  But you made it out unscathed!  You (or more likely your lawyer) ere able to get the charges DISMISSED! All good, right? WRONG! Just because you got your charges dismissed does not mean that your record is clear.  Far from

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Possession of Adderall Without a Prescription IS A FELONY, AGAIN!

Possession of Adderall without a Prescription is a Felony AGAIN The law change that made possession of Adderall (amphetamine / dextroamphetamine), Vyvanse (Lidexamphetamine) and other prescription stimulant medications a misdemeanor offense had a short life-span, just long enough for the Texas Legislature to have a year off and meet again.  There is an old saying,

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