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Possession of Adderall Without a Prescription IS A FELONY, AGAIN!

Possession of Adderall without a Prescription is a Felony AGAIN The law change that made possession of Adderall (amphetamine / dextroamphetamine), Vyvanse (Lidexamphetamine) and other prescription stimulant medications a misdemeanor offense had a short life-span, just long enough for the Texas Legislature to have a year off and meet again.  There is an old saying,

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When Possession of Adderall was NOT a Felony in Texas***

***AS OF SEPTEMBER 1, 2017, POSSESSION OF ADDERALL/VYVANSE WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION IS A FELONY – CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION REGARDING THE RECENT LAW CHANGE *** Texas Drug Law History & The Texas Health & Safety Code Texas has had a unique history in classifying substances people consume to alter their consciousness. The most recent evolution of Texas

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