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If Convicted of a Felony, Can I Legally Own a Gun?

Frequently I am contacted by someone with a Felony conviction that is years or even decades old, and they want to know if they can ever own a firearm again. The answer is more complicated than YES or NO.  Under Texas law there is an exception permitting convicted felons to possess firearms, but only in

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Fees for TX License to Carry a Handgun $40 Starting Sept. 1st – Lowest in the Country

Starting September 1, 2017, the first time fee for a license to carry a handgun will be reduced to $40, down from $140. Prior to being signed into law, it saw overwhelming support in the legislature, where it passed by a 111-30 after the addition of a last minute amendment by Jeff Leach of Plano to waive

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In TX, Openly Carrying Handgun Subjects You to Police Seizure

There has been some debate about the implications on openly carrying a firearm and police interactions.  Can a police officer stop a citizen seen openly carrying a firearm (on property not owned by him or under his control) simply to check to see if the citizen has a License to Carry? While I respect the

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