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If Convicted of a Felony, Can I Legally Own a Gun?

Frequently I am contacted by someone with a Felony conviction that is years or even decades old, and they want to know if they can ever own a firearm again. The answer is more complicated than YES or NO.  Under Texas law there is an exception permitting convicted felons to possess firearms, but only in

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and its accompanying flooding, the familiar stories have appeared in the news detailing some of the unfortunate crimes that always seem to happen during one of these types of events, including robbery, fraud, theft or burglary (what some have labeled “looting”).  Many are unaware that in the State of

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Texas Open Carry EXPLAINED

Effective January 1, 2016 Texans will be able to open-carry a loaded firearm. This creates some questions: Who can carry?  What restrictions are there on your right to open carry? What about the police; does this mean they can stop anyone seen openly carrying a firearm? Let’s take them 1 by 1. The Law  Individuals

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