Half Baked Burglars Bake Brownies After Break-In

Perkiomen, Pennsylvania Police say two 17-year old teens broke into a Philadelphia home to bake Pot Brownies.  The pair have been arrested and charged with burglary.  According to the Police, the break-and-enter bakers were caught with more than 2 pounds of the demon weed as pot_brownie_2well as drug paraphernalia.  The culinary caper landed the two in juvenile court to face criminal charges.

Contrary to popular belief, burglary does not require that you take anything – there is no theft requirement to commit burglary.

However, in Texas a burglary is committed if you enter any building or habitation with the intent to commit a felony theft or assault.  In Pennsylvania,m the law is similar, involving any unlawful entry into almost any kind of structure for the purpose of committing a variety of crimes once inside. You do not even have to complete the crime to be found guilty, the intent to commit a crime alone can be sufficient for to support a conviction of burglary.

You may be asking yourself – but is intent to bake pot brownies enough for  charge of burglary?

I would say yes, based upon the state of marijuana laws in Pennsylvania (it also would be in Texas – under the manufacturing crimes outlined under the Texas health and safety code it would be a felony).

Remember the Texas teen that potentially could face life in prison for baking pot brownies with hash oil (aka honey oil)?

In that instance a Texas teen accused of churning out quite a few space cakes, and due to the weight of the hash oil he used and the weight of the brownies aggregating in the weight for the charges, he faced a potential life sentence!  Interestingly, because of the potential appeal of the brownies to children, Diane Finestein introduced a bill in 2010 proposed to double the penalties for pot brownies sold to minors.

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