Grandmother given 6 months jail for sex in public at retirement home

Florida grandmother Peggy Klemm, a 68 year old grandmother of 14, was sentenced to six months in jail for having sex in a public area of the retirement village where she lives.  Klemm was charged with ndecent exposure and disorderly conduct after she was caught doing the dirty deed at the Market Square at Lake Sumter (Also known as “the villages”)

WHen she appeared in court she was tearful, saying goodbye to her husband while she serves her time – NOT the man she was having sex grandmawith, however.

What gives?  Is it really a good use of our public money and jail space to lockup Klemm for her geriatric tryst?
The long arm of justice – reaches into retirement homes as well…

Klemm was charged with disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.  Disorderly conduct deals with conduct that disturbs the peace generally; exposure of Klemm’s private parts in a public square drew the charges for indecent exposure.

Under  Florida law, exposing your private parts publicly with lascivious, lewd, or vulgar intent is illegal.   It is punishable by up to one year in jail, so Klemm may have been smart to take the six-month plea deal.

Oddly, Mr. Frank Klemm, her husband does not have a problem with her escipade, saying he is behind her 100 percent.

Maybe This Was Her 2nd Chance…

The jail sentence is unusual,  but may be attributable to Klemm being before the same judge in the last month, being sentenced to probation for reckless driving, less than four days before being charged with indecent exposure.


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