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Half Baked Burglars Bake Brownies After Break-In

Perkiomen, Pennsylvania Police say two 17-year old teens broke into a Philadelphia home to bake Pot Brownies.  The pair have been arrested and charged with burglary.  According to the Police, the break-and-enter bakers were caught with more than 2 pounds of the demon weed as well as drug paraphernalia.  The culinary caper landed the two

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Grandmother given 6 months jail for sex in public at retirement home

Florida grandmother Peggy Klemm, a 68 year old grandmother of 14, was sentenced to six months in jail for having sex in a public area of the retirement village where she lives.  Klemm was charged with ndecent exposure and disorderly conduct after she was caught doing the dirty deed at the Market Square at Lake

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Friendswood Officer dodges DWI conviction after paperwork botched

Friendswood police officer Fred Cramer was arrested for DWI – but due to a mistake in the paperwork submitted by the Pearland Police officers that arrested Mr. Cramer, he dodged a DWI conviction and was convicted of Public Intoxication instead. Pearland Police confronted Friendswood Officer Fred Cramer when they saw his motorcycle lying in the

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