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Do I NEED a Concealed Handgun License to Carry a Loaded Handgun in my Car?

There is some confusion over the question of whether you need a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) to carry a loaded handgun in your vehicle…so here is the skinny: IN TEXAS, you MAY carry a loaded handgun in your vehicle WITHOUT A CHL If you are NOT: a convicted felon; a gang member (as defined under

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Alaska man Steals Forklift After Drunken Crash Into Construction Site

In a story that seems like a case of real-life-grand-theft-auto, reports out of Fairbanks, Alaska claim 21-year old say Aleksandr Glushko of Delta Junction drove a stolen forklift more than 3 miles while intoxicated to retrieve a truck he crashed. Police say Glushko drove off a road in a pickup and crashed into pipe stacked

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DWI? I Would Not Recommended the “Black-Ice” Defense

Police claim Brian Byers of  New Jersey man allegedly poured water into the middle of an intersection in hopes of creating a black ice slick, allegedly to cover up a crash that occurred when he was intoxicated and took out a guardrail. But it gets better.  Police also claim he recruited an accomplice in his

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