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I will not answer any questions and I will not make any statement.

Seems simple enough, but the majority of clients that call me with a legal issue do so AFTER they have already spoken to the police, made a statement, or even given a recorded interview. This can seriously damage their defense – if you the police are investigating a crime and they either tell you that

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AFFIRMATIVE LINKS – WHY You Should NOT Plead to Your Friends Drugs!

A common scenario: A driver and two passengers are stopped for a traffic violation. The law enforcement officer thinks he smells the distinct odor of marijuana coming from within your vehicle.  Now, he has all of the passengers on the curb and is tearing apart the inside of your ride.  He finds illegal substances in

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Do I NEED a Concealed Handgun License to Carry a Loaded Handgun in my Car?

There is some confusion over the question of whether you need a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) to carry a loaded handgun in your vehicle…so here is the skinny: IN TEXAS, you MAY carry a loaded handgun in your vehicle WITHOUT A CHL If you are NOT: a convicted felon; a gang member (as defined under

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