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Is That A Banana In Your Hand, Or Are You Trying to Kill Me?

Somewhere near Grand Junction, Colorado, supposed would-be stand up comedian, Nathen Channing , was charged with Felony “Menacing” for allegedly pointing the insidious fruit at law enforcement Officers. Channing allegedly drawing and pointing a banana at officers “in the same manner someone would draw a standard handgun from a concealed holster,” according to an officer

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Colorado Inmate Could Get 24 yrs for False Hair-In-Food Claim

A Colorado inmate may have bitten off a little more than he can chew my allegedly making a false claim of hair in food he was served in Summit County Jail.  Inmate Ray Wolfe is facing felony charges for allegedly planting the hair there himself and then making the complaint. The details are none-too-apetizing: a

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