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In OR Recreational Marijuana Legal July 1st – But You Can’t Sell It?

That’s right folks.  Come July 1, 2015 you may legally possess up to 8 ounces of marijuana in Oregon for recreational use.  However, the voter approved law did not implement how this law would regulate the sale and distribution of marijuana.  This creates an interesting quagmire, where residents can grow their own, but technically, there

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DRUG WAR FAIL: Could Tobacco-Like Regulation Offer a Solution?

Nearly everyone has seen “Mad Men” at least once.  The show harkens back to a time in our not so distant past when cigarettes were a more socially accepted and dare I say integral part of American culture.  Hell, worldwide culture.  In the 1960’s you could smoke everywhere.  A significant portion of the population smoked.

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TX Marijuana Bill: Fine-Only For Possession of Small Amounts

A new bill proposed by  Texas State Rep. Joe Moody would make the possession of up to one oz. punishable with a $100 ticket.  Moody contends that the current marijuana policy in Texas isn’t working, and that a new approach would allow us to more effective utilization of the limited resources in our criminal justice

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