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Man Dies after NYPD Officer Puts Him in Choke-Hold (W/ VIDEO)

Yet another instance of the police responding with an inappropriate level of force, and as a consequence, Eric Garner, a 43 year old man from Staten Island, New York  is dead.  In this instance, from everything I can gather this was not even a situation where any escalated level of force was warranted.  The New

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El Paso prisoner shot & killed while in custody (w/ video)

Yet another horrible, cold-blooded act of police brutality at the hands of Texas corrections officers – but this time, they killed a man in cold blood.  The city of El Paso released a video showing inmate Daniel Saenz being shot to death while in custody by Officer Jose Flores. It all started when Saenz was

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School security gaurd assaults, handcuffs handicapped student to wheelchair

Yet another example of a glorified hall-monitor run a muck,  an Oakland High school guard brutally attacked a student, allegedly punching, handcuffing and dumping a handicapped student out of his wheel chair.  The Officer, Marchell Mitchell, has been charged with child abuse and fired. The details of this situation are deplorable. Mitchell was trying to

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