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DWI Suspect Chows Down – Picks Up New Charges

Kenneth Desormes of New York  expressed his contempt, or perhaps dismay, at his Breathalyzer test results by attempting to scarf them down.  This creative plan cover-up plan didn’t pan out, however, and the police served him up a steaming hot dish of new charges. Desormes would have been only charged with misdemeanor DWI, but his

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For Drunk Driving Firefighters in Austin The Party Is Over

Apparently there is a bit of a drunk driving pattern emerging among Austin’s brave men that battle blazes. Since January, six firefighters have been suspended for being arrested for suspicion of DWI.  The latest suspect was one of the brass, on July 11, Madison, a 29-year AFD veteran who receives the highest salary of any

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Central Texas Police Chief Arrested for DWI While Driving Patrol Car

The small suburb of San Antonio got himself in a bit of a bind last month for driving drunk; he resigned following the DWI arrest while he was driving his patrol car.  China Grove Police Chief Larry Davis was driving his marked police vehicle on the way back from law enforcement training in Huntsville when

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