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Shoplifter awarded $510K for broken Ankle During NYPD Arrest

Let’s file this one under ludicrous and unbelievable.  Fifty year old Kavin Jarman, an alleged shoplifter who broke his ankle while getting arrested by the NYPD, was awarded $510,000 for his injury. What makes this story even more incredible is that this is not the first, or even the second time that he has sued

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FOX News Anchor Arrested Drunk & Belligerent

File this under sanctimonious news anchors can do stupid things just like the rest of us.  Gregg Jarrett of Fox News was arrested after getting “turnt up” at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and having some sort of scuffle with the police that they did not take to kindly to.  Jarrett, 59 years young, spent

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