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Fast food caper ends with the munchies

imageCaper – noun. A hairbrained escapade…

I can not help help but conclude that two men nabbed at a Northwest Houston Whataburger were none-too-sober when they were arrested with “cookies and cash.”  The two men stand accused of robbing a subway and dollar general store.  Apparently the cookies did not do the trick, the two were caught mid chow down at the burger joint that was only a few miles from the reported the robberies.

I must admit, it never ceases to amaze how comical some of the situations people get themselves into.  And while in criminal defense i am often inundated with serious ad sobering situations, now and again – but with aome consistency, a funny situation comes across my desk or pops up in the news.

Make no mistake – robbery is a serious crime.  But when you steal cash and cookies from a subway and then stop at a whataburer on your way out of town…


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  1. joyce says:

    There MUST a reason that intelligent DOES NOT PLAY A PART in criminal activity.

    Two guys, probably drunk stole cash and cookies from subway, then stopped by Whataburger on the way home—– dumb-DUMB- D!U!M!B!

    what more can be said?

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