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Supreme Court: Warrant Required for Cell Phones; Police Respond

In Riley v. California, the Supreme Court found unanimously that when a person is arrested a cellphone may not be searched without a warrant.  In response, officers nationwide (Los Angeles to New York, and even in Houston) officials met to discuss Wednesday’s unanimous ruling that prohibits law enforcement from searching an arrestee’s cellphone without a […]

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Supreme Court to weigh Facebook Threats & Free Speech

The Supreme Court will decide if, when considering free speech rights of people who use threatening language on Facebook posts and other electronic media, you must also look at the intent of the person posting the threatening language. In Pennsylvania Anthony Elois has served nearly four years in federal prison for violent posts directed toward […]

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Supreme Court tightens law on “Straw Purchasers” of firearms

If you have purchased a firearm you may have seen the signs: “Don’t lie for the other guy” warning those purchasing firearms for someone else buying a firearm for someone that is not allowed to own one (Eg., Convicted Felons) you can end up in jail.  However, the supreme court attenuated the law a little […]

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SCOTUS: Anonymous 911 caller is reasonable suspicion for DWI

Yet another blow was dealt by the Supreme Court on our civil liberties and our 4th amendment rights on April 22 when the Supreme Court held that California Highway Patrol officers had reasonable suspicion of DWI, and therefore were justified in conducting an investigative traffic stop where the only basis for the stop was that the vehicle matched a […]

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