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Supreme Court to weigh Facebook Threats & Free Speech

The Supreme Court will decide if, when considering free speech rights of people who use threatening language on Facebook posts and other electronic media, you must also look at the intent of the person posting the threatening language. In Pennsylvania Anthony Elois has served nearly four years in federal prison for violent posts directed toward […]

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Why marijuana legalization won’t happen in Texas anytime soon

Hate to break it to everyone getting their hopes up with the recent movement on marijuana regulation nationwide, but despite Colorado and Washington making marijuana use legal for recreational use and public opinion polls showing public support for legalization in Texas, it will be a long time before we see recreational use made legal in […]

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Appeals Court reinstates charges for “Animal Crush” Videos

Meanwhile in despicable human garbage news – the 5th Circuit Court of appeals reversed the district court’s ruling allowing for prosecution to proceed against Nicole Richards & Brent Justice for “animal crush” videos.  The videos these two made are meant for the sexual gratification of their viewers; in the videos scantily clad Richards stabs & […]

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