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El Paso prisoner shot & killed while in custody (w/ video)

Yet another horrible, cold-blooded act of police brutality at the hands of Texas corrections officers – but this time, they killed a man in cold blood.  The city of El Paso released a video showing inmate Daniel Saenz being shot to death while in custody by Officer Jose Flores.

It all started when Saenz was taken to a local hospital after exhibiting strange behavior at a supermarket. At the hospital, he allegedly attacked an off-duty officer and was arrested.

The video speaks for itself.  Yes, you can tell there was a struggle and that Saenz was being beligerant.  But shooting and killing a guy in handcuffs!?  Flores and another unidentified officer were struggling to take the handcuffed Saenz from the El Paso County Jail to a hospital for treatment after repeatedly banging his head against a doorway inside the jail. It ended with Flores pulling out his gun and firing a single police shootingshot – killing Saenz.

Saenz died later at a local hospital.

The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas struggled to justify the shooting, only saying that officers had used their tasers on Saenz with little or no effect, as if that somehow justified Flores opting for his firearm.

A grand jury declined to indict Flores in the shootings because of “the totality of the circumstances, which include the long sequence of events that came before the shooting itself.”

More piss poor justification for the shooting was also released – the deceased criminal history, having been previously arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, family violence and assault of the elderly.

If they keep this up I will have to create a special category for police murders.  Sheesh.  Despicable.

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  1. the Julles says:

    thanks for posting this, Tristan, and thanks for your passion. People need to be aware of these situations, and how cops continually get off, even when obviously guilty.

  2. tristanlegrande says:

    Thanks. It is a sad reality – very often when these things happen the assailants are not brought to justice.

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