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Synthetic pot hospitalizes hundreds in Austin and Dallas

Is it really better for our kids to exposed to this than the real dope? A perfectly legal substance is reported to have sent over one hundred teens to the hospital with a wide range of medical complications.  The poor kids thought they were getting a cheap, legal and safe high but got more than they […]

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SCOTUS: Anonymous 911 caller is reasonable suspicion for DWI

Yet another blow was dealt by the Supreme Court on our civil liberties and our 4th amendment rights on April 22 when the Supreme Court held that California Highway Patrol officers had reasonable suspicion of DWI, and therefore were justified in conducting an investigative traffic stop where the only basis for the stop was that the vehicle matched a […]

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We don’t care how we kill ’em, so long as they die

Controversy has boiled over in the last few weeks regarding the methods used and drugs utilized to execute individuals convicted and sentenced to death.  It came to the forefront in the news again recently after a botched execution in Oklahoma.  As one writer in the The New York Times described it, the executed inmate in Oklahoma […]

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You Missed The Launch Party

If you didn’t know about our all new criminal law blog, then you obviously missed the launch gathering we had in Downtown Houston to celebrate & bring awareness to the launch of LeGrande Law’s new blog. You should regret missing the gathering as it was a sight to see. Meanwhile, bookmark this site (CTRL+D) and […]

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