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Houston crime lab tech lied & tampered with evidence

Many more details have emerged about Houston Crime Lab technician Peter Lentz, who resigned after an internal investigation uncovered evidence of improper procedures, lying and tampering with official records.  This undoubtedly hurts the credibility of the well oiled conviction factory in Harris County, of which the crime lab plays a fundamental role. Lentz worked on over 185 […]

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Supreme Court tightens law on “Straw Purchasers” of firearms

If you have purchased a firearm you may have seen the signs: “Don’t lie for the other guy” warning those purchasing firearms for someone else buying a firearm for someone that is not allowed to own one (Eg., Convicted Felons) you can end up in jail.  However, the supreme court attenuated the law a little […]

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Humble man too drunk to hold head up for mugshot – this is news!?

Sean Carl Payne of Humble was arrested outside a bar in Humble early Thursday had so much to drink, police had to hold his head up to snap his mug shot.  Mr.  Payne was charged with public intoxication.  I found this story on CNN, a national news story about someone that was shit faced.  Why is […]

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General in the Aryan Brotherhood admits to racketeering

A probe that led to warrants and prosecutions of 74 members and associates  of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas also snagged one of its generals, a man know as “Big Terry” Blake.  Blake plead guilty Friday to a massive racketeering conspiracy. Blake, 57, told U.S. District Judge Sim Lake that he’d been close to the […]

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