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True story – with the caveat that firearm sound suppressors (silencers) remain illegal under Federal law. This is similar to how marijuana remains Federally illegal, but many states have laws permitting the use or sale of marijuana. Texas set up laws that went into effect in 2021 that not only legalized sound suppressing devices under […]

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What is Texas Constitutional Carry Law?

Important info about TX constitutional carry law, exceptions, and limits

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Reforms to TX Marijuana & THC Possession Laws DIED in 2021 – POSSESSION OF THC REMAINS A FELONY IN TEXAS

A bill almost became a law in Texas, reducing the penalties for marijuana and THC possession – Texas House Bill 2593. That’s right, Texas came closer than it ever has to decriminalizing possession of less than one ounce of marijuana; the new law would have made posssession of less than 28 grams a class C […]

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Is it Marijuana or Hemp? Houston Lab Can Now Tell the Difference

Many of you may know by now, that there have been recent changes in the law concerning what is defined as marijuana and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) under the Texas Health and Safety Code. I discussed these changes in the law in a recent blog post TX Hemp & Marijuana Law – New Laws for 2019 and […]

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